Criminal Defence

Woodward Lawson are able to provide a high level of personal guidance throughout all forms of criminal prosecution in Aberdeen and elsewhere in Scotland. We provide expert representation in all types of criminal cases in the High Court, Sheriff or Justice of the Peace Courts.

Civil Litigation

Woodward Lawson represent clients in a broad range of civil court cases, both in the Sheriff Court and Court of Session.

Contractual Disputes

Contracts form the backbone of daily life in any business. Occasionally, difficulties arise in relation to what was actually agreed and disputes occur if one party does not do what the other expects them to do.

Guardianship & Incapacity

We have significant experience in relation to Guardianship applications both from the perspective of raising applications for Guardianship and also in opposing such applications in disputed cases. Ian Woodward-Nutt also regularly acts as a Court appointed reporter in relation to Guardianship cases.

Building Disputes

Whether you are a builder seeking payment for works which have run into difficulties or a client receiving possible defective building work, it is best to seek our advice at the earliest possible juncture.

Road Traffic Offences

Road Traffic Law forms part of the Criminal Law that is a broad and technically complicated area. If you have been charged by the police or have received papers intimating a criminal prosecution for an alleged road traffic offence, it is important to take advice from an experienced criminal defence lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

Debt Collection

Every business encounters debtors from time to time and this can seriously affect important cash flow. At Woodward Lawson, we provide a robust one-stop service from seven day letters to pursuing court action in the Sheriff Court and Court of Session.

Property & Boundary Disputes

Few aspects of life can cause such concern as a neighbour asserting rights over your land or preventing you from doing something on their land that you thought you had a right to do.

Family, Divorce & Children

The breakdown of a relationship, be it marriage, civil partnership or cohabitation, leads to all manner of financial worries and practical difficulties as the inevitable change in your personal circumstances occurs. This is especially so if there are children involved and major assets require to be divided.

Road Haulage Representation

Woodward Lawson are pleased to offer representation in all matters concerning road haulage and transport law.

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News & Comment

Successful Appeal Against Decision of The Mental Health Tribunal Scotland

22 February 2013

Ian Woodward-Nutt recently represented a client before the Mental Health Tribunal Scotland in Aberdeen in relation to an Appeal against an Order detaining that client in hospital.  Despite repeated requests by this office that the Mental Health Tribunal Scotland disclose to us paperwork relating to the Application, the Mental Health Tribunal Scotland refused or failed to provide documentation to us.

As a result, Ian argued that the Mental Health Tribunal could not grant an Order in these circumstances.  Despite this submission the Tribunal proceeded to grant a Compulsory Treatment Order detaining our client in hospital.


ian-woodward-nutt-court-solicitor-aberdeenIan thereafter appealed the decision of the Mental Health Tribunal Scotland to the Sheriff Principal of the Sheriffdom of Grampian Highland & Islands in Aberdeen.    We are pleased to note that in light of this Appeal the Tribunal conceded the point and the Appeal was duly granted.

Ian comments that “It is essential that all Court or Tribunal proceedings are conducted fairly.    If an unfairness in proceedings is a fundamental one then this may result in a decision that will be overturned by a Court of Appeal or higher authority.”